about earthly.

Earthly is a company that believes in the power of business to enact real social change. Our mission is to improve the way society deals with the 40% of all food produced that ultimately goes to waste. We accept food waste directly from local businesses and use a certain species of worms to accelerate and enhance the composting process, creating an end product called worm castings: an all natural, eco-friendly, and living soil amendment with an array of applications in a wide variety of agricultural settings.

What are Worm Castings?

"Worm castings" is the industry term for vermicompost, a soil amendment that is essentially worm manure. Worm castings are twice as dense with beneficial plant nutrients than traditional compost. Moreover, recent research indicates that worm castings contain a very high concentration of microorganisms that help deliver those nutrients to your plants. The fresher the castings are when applied, the better, because it ensures those microbes are still alive and thriving when they find their new home.

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Why use Earthly's?

The high quality of our feed stock and freshness enabled by our short supply chain are what set Earthly’s castings apart from others. While most commercially available worm castings are currently being made using uniform types of feed such as grain or cardboard pulp, our red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) are fed a carefully balanced mix of food waste that we obtain directly from local establishments to ensure our worms enjoy an extremely high quality diet and in turn produce equally high quality castings.

Our localized method of production and distribution means our castings aren’t being sealed in plastic and shipped across the country, suffocating the beneficial microbial life that makes them so great for plants. We are constantly working to improve eco-friendly packaging options so that our castings are able to breathe while they wait to work with your plants, delivering you the freshest, highest quality product that mother nature herself can provide.